Kate Lam


Suite 16

Business Hours

Monday: By Appointment Only

Tuesday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Wednesday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Thursday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Friday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Sunday: Closed


Classic Manicure - $20.00

Cuticle care, fingernail trim and shape as choice, moisturize in Collagen gloves, light hand, arms and shoulders massage, and regular fingernail polish or buffering.

Organic Manicure - $35

After having cuticle care and fingernails shaped, your arms will enjoy Honey Milk Organic scrub to remove dead skin.  Then enjoy a warm towel wrap and deep shoulder massage, collagen moisturizing gloves, and finish with a regular polish or buffering for fingernails.

Nail Enhancement - Price Varies

Acrylic Full Set/Fill $30/$20

Pink & White Full Set/Pink Fill  $45/$20

Back Fill/Two Colors Solar Fill $40

Gel Polish Full Set/with Tips $40/$45

Gel Acrylic Fill $35

Gel Polish Only $20

Kids Pamper (Under 11 years old) - Prices Vary

Little Princess Manicure/Pedicure $15/$20

Adding Gel Polish is extra $15

Gel Manicure - $40

Complete manicure and finish with the choice of gel products that are non-chipping and lasting approximately 2 weeks.

Dipping Powder with Manicure - $40

Complete manicure with the choice of color dipping powder to give your nails the strength of powder and not damaging your nail beds.  Non-toxic and odor free.

Waxing - Prices Vary

Removing unwanted hair with low temperature wax and tweezing as needed

  1. Eyebrow shape $15
  2. Eyebrow (2 weeks) $10
  3. Ears $15
  4. Nose/lip/chin$10
  5. Neck $15+
  6. Full Face$40
  7. Under Arm $25
  8. Half Arm $35
  9. Full Arm $45
  10. Chest/Back $45+
  11. Half Leg(s) $40
  12. Full Leg(s) $65
Eyelash Extensions

Something for everyday wear or for a special time in your life.  You can sleep, shower, and swim worry free.  Little to no need to adjust your lifestyle. Water resistant, weightless, easy to maintain, and no need for mascara.  It’s a semi-permanent eyelash extension that you could have single or multiple strands of synthetic lashes applied to a single natural eyelash, creating a longer, fuller, and darker lash look.  The process of eyelash extensions is a relaxing beauty rest with lasting results.   Please add 15 mins of cleaning process before your extension application.  Make up free 12hrs before your appointment. Schedule a 30 min free consultation to talk about your eyelashes.

Dramatic Lashes: 2 hours 30 minutes $225

Kitten/Cat Eye Lashes: 1 hour 45 minutes $175

Omni Volume Lashes: 2 hours $200

Hybrid Lashes: 1 hour 30 minutes $175

Baby Doll Lashes: 1 hour 30 minutes $150

Natural Lashes: 1 hour 30 minutes $150

Student Lashes: 1 hour 15 minutes $80

Four Weeks: 1 hour 45 minutes $135

Three Weeks: 1 hour 30 minutes $90

Biweekly: 1 hour 30 minutes $75

Weekly touch up: 1 hour $50

Kim Style Lashes/Wispy Style Lashes: 1 hour 45 minutes $175

Light Mix Color Lashes: 1 hour 30 minutes $120

Color Lashes: 1 hour 45 minutes $150